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About Us
SOPHIA Research & Innovation was created in 2009 in Rome (the initial name being SOPHIA Consulting) to promote the participation of Italian public and private organisation in R&D and Innovation programmes, manly those funded by the European Union. In this respect SOPHIA R&I provides consulting and management services in the public and private sectors, but more importantly it participates in real projects in order to keep the pace with technological and methodological innovation especially, but not exclusively, in the area of Education and Training. The founding partners have all over twenty years of main experience also in worldwide enterprises.
The team of experts has conveyed passion, energy and strong know-how in order to provide high-standard in consulting and management services, ICT solutions, education and training, research and development. The professionalism and experience gained have enabled SOPHIA to develop methodologies and tools that are constantly updated and tailored to the needs of customers with a well defined approach for each assignment.

How We Work
Our team develops projects together with partners and produces results in tune with their needs and  culture, empowering and valorizing their competencies and know how.
Our approach consist in:

  • analysing partners' needs
  • designing the proposal/project
  • developing/implementing solutions
  • evaluating and monitoring the results
  • training the partners staff in EU projects development and management
  • last but not least, perforiing relevannt research and innovation activities in the approved  projects.